Sixteen year old Tamrika Fuller is happy with her life. With good friends and good grades, she’s content to keep her options open for her future. But when her parents reveal they’ve been saving for several years to send her to their Alma Mater for her final years of high school – an old-fashioned boarding academy miles from her home in Vancouver – she’s thrown out of her comfort zone.

With no friends and a taciturn new room-mate, Tammy feels unmoored and deeply out of place. What’s more, her new school is heavily science-focused, with little to no thought for arts students. In an attempt to take control of her life and make something positive happen, Tammy starts an art club, while new relationships make her ask what it is she really wants out of life – and how to make it happen.

Atomic Sheep is a high school coming of age story, centred around an art club at a boarding school in the forests of British Columbia. I started thinking about it while I was doing my undergrad Fine Arts degree in BC, and began writing and drawing it after meeting Harry Markos of Markosia when I moved to England.

While I'd jumped headlong into comics once I started making them during university, I hadn't been making them very long...and certainly hadn't attempted a full-length book! That meant this book was a bit of a journey, as I plugged away at it in my spare time over several years, did other comics, learned, learned more, and then redrew dozens of pages from earlier on!

You can see more work from me on my site, both personal and commercial, including plenty of other comics! But Atomic Sheep, in a way, was the start of all of that, and I'm delighted to have it complete and out in the world!